Thinks & Drinks Diaries #2

So what’s new?

We start all our talks in a similar way, by introducing ourselves, what we do at SDinEd, and the agenda for the talk. Building on feedback from the last event, we switched up the format so that we kicked off with general chat and networking. To encourage this, we provided 3 questions to mull over which were:

Time for the talks!

We had 30 people tuned in and sat back with a warm drink. ready to hear all about Young Enterprise Scotland and Scotland’s Enterprising Schools. The wonderful Fraser Morrison (Digital Delivery Manager) and Julie Degnan (Project Manager) gave us 20 minutes of their time to showcase one of their recent projects and partnerships with third year Computer Science students at the University of Glasgow. This partnership allowed further digitalising of their suite of enterprise education programmes. We heard about gamification, co-creation, and how much the students really valued working on a real life project as part of their studies! And it was great to hear directly from the students themselves.


As usual we captured questions and feedback using Padlet, and we encouraged people to continue to post their thoughts to keep the conversation going after the event. Some things that were asked were; “How can we better connect Academic and Real-life?” and “should Service Design be embedded into courses or should opportunities be offered as additional experience?”…
Some great questions to leave us all thinking at the end of the 75 minutes!


We are super excited about our next Thinks & Drinks which will be on 18th March, from 12:30 to 1:45pm. You can already sign up here! The theme is Co-Design where we’ll be learning about the V&A’s Young People’s Collective and hearing from Paul Bailey — head of co-design at JISC. It’s free, and coffees and lunches are welcome (but you have to bring your own!)



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